Assalamu Alaikum!

Hi, I’m Zunaid Amin
a WordPress Engineer

As a teenager, I was the go-to guy for solving any technical problems. Today, I work as a WordPress Engineer to fix website related issues of clients around the world.


What I Can Do

Web Development

I will develop any scale (small, medium, large) web application or do any kind of web programming.

Web Design

I will design high quality and very Professional Web Design and fully Responsive Website Design focused on your specific business needs


Deploying your code on Cloud can be hectic sometimes. I can help you in deploying your App on various Cloud platforms Like Azure, AWS, Heroku, Firebase, Google Cloud, Netlify, and Gatsby cloud.

My Portfolio

Rocket.Net — lightning-fast managed hosting for your WordPress. Cosmic speed and built-in security suite to accelerate and protect any WordPress site. Automated updates, daily backups, real-time malware scanning, and patching. Just hit 'start' and your website is ready for blast-off.
Hostinger International
Hostinger is a customer-obsessed, idea-driven, ever-growing web hosting provider. As a global company, we believe in personal online expression and constant growth.
Aveneur Solutions & Networks Limited
Aveneur Solutions is a software development company which specializes in providing state-of-the-art.
Years of Experience

My Resume

Feedbacks From My Colleagues


Filip Ziger

Business analyst - Hostinger International


September 11, 2022

There is no better colleague than Zunaid. He is one of the most dedicated professionals I’ve worked with and is willing to put that extra help whenever you need it. His contribution is valuable to the side, and I highly recommend Zunaid and would love to work with him again.

Mehedi Hassan

Technical Support- Web Hosting Industries | Full Stack Developer || WordPress support Engineer


September 13, 2022

Zunaid is one of the best among all the people I have ever worked with. As I remember, Zunaid was a very productive person, is hard-working, broad-minded and forward-thinking individual. Intelligent, ambitious, energetic and proactive perfectionist. Desire for proficiency and education makes Zunaid a valuable asset to the team. Working with Zunaid is a signature of success.

Alessandro Monteiro Vilela

Customer Success | Web Hosting | WordPress | Web Dev


August 13, 2022

I had the opportunity to work with Zunaid for some months at Hostinger, and I was amazed to know someone that brings so much passion to their work. He always participated, shared ideas and feedbacks in our team meetings, and brought a new dinamic to the group. Zunaid not only is very focused on achieving his results, but is a great team worker, always helped his collegues and put a huge effort to help the clients. Man, it was a pleasure to meet someone as positive and enthusiastic as you, I have no doubts that you'll bring value wherever you are, keep it up!

Elane Dela Cruz

Technical Support Specialist | IT, WebHosting | 2 years Experience in CS industry

📍Metro Manila

August 29, 2022

Zunaid is one of my great colleague at Hostinger. His skills in techinical stuffs are very admirable. Hoping for your success in your future endeavor!

Ahmad Alim Ahkam

Student at Institut Manajemen Telkom


August 18, 2022

Zunaid's work ethic is top-notch. He motivates me to be the best version of myself. One thing that we will miss from him is his bright aura. He always kept the team morale up with his presence. It was a pleasure to work with him!

Austėja Andrušaitytė

Customer Success Specialist


August 13, 2022

A perfect colleague, you could always ask for help from him! Very communicative and work devoted! If you ever need a person, who is giving all 100% - Zunaid is your guy! It was a honor working with him!🙏🏻

Sanjeev A.

System Administrator turned Digital Marketer to again now a technical customer success.


August 12, 2022

Lets keep it simple. A great guy to work with, always helpful. Over achiever in terms of KPIs. I am really happy to have worked with you. All the best for your future endeavours. Who knows; we will be colleagues again someday.

Abhijeet Mandve

Customer Success Training Team Leader at Hostinger International.


August 6, 2022

Zunaid is a great team player who always strive for excellence. His passion towards learning new information and interest in implementing it is astounding.

Ansar Ullah Anas

💻 Project Management. 🌐 Digital Marketing. 👨‍💻 IT Administration.

📍United States

August 6, 2022

Zunaid is a really awesome colleague to work with - he takes his work very seriously and keeps positivity motivating all his colleagues to do their best. His communication and troubleshooting abilities are the best and he is one of the best performing agent of our team. Glad that I worked with you... I can recommend you without any reservations! All the best my friend.

Partho Debnath

Customer Success Specialist @ Hostinger International


June 4, 2022

A highly talented individual on the web hosting field. Sincere, skilled, hard-working, and always motivating team members to produce exceptional outcomes across the whole department.

Talha Rahman

Ensuring secured payments at Hostinger 🌐 Ex - GoZayaan ✈


June 4, 2022

Zunaid bhai is the master of peak performance in terms of troubleshooting any website issues. 💯 He managed to do it by maintaining proactivity towards the clients. This man has set the bar at the next level. One of the most work-obsessed, fun, chilled colleagues I have!

Angel Ataneso

Mid CS Specialist at Hostinger International | Web Developer | Content Creator


October 18, 2022

He is a great teammate


Contact With Me

Inbio Contact

Zunaid Amin Enan

Freelance DevOps & Web Developer

I am available for freelance work. Connect with me via and call into my account.

Phone: +880 1916 836462 Email: